Friday, October 14, 2016

Catching sunsets

Port Dickson Half-day Trip

Last weekend, we went to Port Dickson. I wanted to go there for a beach sunset. We planned to start the trip very early in the morning to tour around the city before we get to the beach in the evening. But since it was just a normal weekend, we figured it would be best if we spent the morning at home relaxing, before going on our short trip.

So it was a half day trip.

After our weekend brunch and movie, we headed off to Port Dickson from Kuala Lumpur, which took us about 1hour plus by car. It was already around 2pm when we got out of the house, and we reached there around 4pm. I had looked up a few tourist attraction spots in PD, and shortlisted a few for our trip.

There was the Ostrich Farm, Muzium Tentera, and the Cape Rachado Lighthouse (rumah api Tanjung Tuan which is apparently Melaka?). But since our trip was inadvertently cut short by sleep, weekend nasi lemak, and a movie, i had to cut the list even shorter.

The ostrich farm would've been really fun, but i wanted to go there early in the morning because it's really hot in the noon and evening. So, i crossed that out of the list. And the Lighthouse, well, i love lighthouses, but i reckoned the Muzium Tentera would be even more exciting for my boys.

Muzium Tentera Darat Port Dickson

Admission: FOC

I liked this place. There were many tank cars, trains, helis, planes, canons, and army trucks around the compound. The exhibits inside the building are divided into different rooms according to eras and events. I didn't have the chance to spend more time in these rooms as the boys ain't got no time for no history lessons. After all, my bub is only two and hubs is only errr... hubs has never been one too keen on histories of any sort.

My bub was a bit scared of the army vehicles. He only peered closer when i encouraged him to do so. But he loved the canons though. As for me, i thought the exhibits were really cool if not a little bit terrifying, you know, knowing that these vehicles had actually been in war zones and shot people and had bloody armies inside of them. It kinda gave me the creeps just thinking about it.

Anyway, it was fun! But we only spent less than an hour here. There was a jungle track at the back of the muzeum i think, but nahh. Ain't nobody got no time for jungle trekkings.

Pantai Teluk Kemang
Admission: are you serious?

After the muzeum, since it was still quite early to hit the beach, i wanted to see the lighthouse. So off we went looking for it, only to find out that the Lighthouse is practically in Melaka (?) although just nearby. So off we went looking for the Lighthouse.

When we got there (we wazed our way there), it turned out that you had to walk for quite a distance to get to the actual lighthouse. There was the entrance to this jungle trekking thing, and cars can't go any further. It was already 5.30pm by then so we decided to just skip the lighthouse this time around. Maybe some other time. I was not even dressed appropriately for a walk in the jungle however everyone-friendly the walkway might have seemed.

So off we went to the beach then. Seriously this was my first time ever in Port Dickson. Well, if you count out that time i went for a 5-day work related course at a hotel here, which was nowhere near the beach, yes, this was my first time here. Same goes to hubs. We were practically waze-ing everything and was not even sure what the name of the beach was. I was like, ha Teluk Kemang ni la, ni la kot. And he was like, no we gotta go to Port Dickson first. Yeah.

Along the way, we saw the signboard to the ostrich farm (which btw, mentioned Dinosaurs on it and i was like awh we should have gone here maann there are dinosaurs here and for a second there i really thought there were actually real live dinosaurs there. Yep i'm crazy like that) and saw the upside down house. Hubs was quite excited with that place but i was a bit creeped out with the idea of having all the furnitures upside down. I was scared i might feel faint and bub might get confused. What if i lose my sanity there? What then?? Whattt???


Anyway, when we finally got to the beach, it was jam packed with cars and tour buses. We were really glad that we didn't come here the weekend before which was a public holiday weekend. If normal weekends were like this already, i can't imagine just how crammed this place would be with people! It took us a while to find a parking spot.

Around the beach area, there were rows of shops, mostly selling touristy stuffs. There was also a square there where you can rent bicycles, ride on horses, or ride a horse-drawn carriage.

There were many food kiosks there overlooking the beach, mostly selling coconut drinks, keropok lekor, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, mee rebus, and what not. The usual stuff you find near beaches. But how i miss Kelantan beaches. They have got tasty 'coleq's over there, and i love their air kelapa susu most!

We ordered some food and ate while waiting for the sunset. When it was almost sunset, we went down to the beach.

Though there seemed to be lots of people there, somehow the place was not too crowded. The sunset was really beautiful, and the sea breeze was a good dose of happiness in these hectic months at work. Bub was running around very happily, excited with how the wave came and went. It was a nice view, the sunset, the beach, and the sea.

It was a good day.

Another sunset caught with love :)

After the beach, a good old friend texted us and invited us to come to his parents' house... in Bahau. Well, since we were already in Negeri Sembilan, then why not... right? We were already nearby man!

So we thought.

Turned out, Bahau was even farther away compared to Kuala Lumpur, from Teluk Kemang beach. Anyway, all was well. We had been wanting to visit for quite sometime already anyway. We ended up spending the night there since it was already so late and the roads were so dark.

We got home on Sunday and spent the whole day recharging ourselves for the week to come. All in all, this trip was very refreshing and fun :)


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