Thursday, December 15, 2016

Melaka Trip

A very much needed break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life

This is a post quite long overdue, but i very much feel the need to still write about our trip to Melaka last month. It was in the midst of everything; moving to a new house, hectic at the workplace, and everything else in between. In a way, the trip is my sort of escape and a very much needed break from everything. Just me, hub, and bub.

Rather than being redundant on all the already well known tourist attractions in Melaka, i would dedicate much of this post to the wonderful, wonderful hotel that we stayed at. It is a boutique hotel, nestled snugly in between rows of vintage baba nyonya peranakan inspired shoplots, the Porto Historia. It is about 1.2km from Jonker Street and 1.6km from the famous A'Famosa.

The whole hotel is charmingly decorated with vintage peranakan items, and they claim that most of the items on display there are real antiques. The rooms are also vintage peranakan inspired which is awesome.

I love the tiles. Yep. The tiles.

I love going on trips. And I especially love it if we could stay at a unique place while traveling. That definitely is one of the bits i look forward to most when traveling. The place we will be staying at. Boutique hotels with character are absolute gems, and vintage peranakan, late straits era style decor is absolutely the cherry on top of the cake. It is very charming.

As a guest at this hotel, you will also get the privilege of cycling around the hotel compound on the vintage old bicyles they park in front of the hotel entrance. There are also two small trishaws, so you can test if all those rugby practices few years ago can still last after a baby, and a hectic career. And a clingy wife.

The staffs there were very friendly, and the room was very clean. Coming from a cleanliness freak skeptic that is me, it is safe to say that the room was really clean. Albeit a bit small, the room was cozy and very pretty.

Okay enough about the hotel.

I will also touch about the Melaka River Cruise.

Because i went on the cruise in the evening, and WAS IT FUN! I freaking love it! I would definitely do it again sometime. We sat in the middle of the boat (I specifically told hub to GET THE MIDDLE SEATS because, paranoid freak) and really got the benefit of the view without getting splashed on. The wind was kind to us that day, it was breezy and calm, and all in all it was a very happy ride.

Other than that, we went around the city centre on a pikachu trishaw, strolled around the usual famous attractions, tried mee racun (which was SUPER PEDAS i warn you), discovered a very good breakfast nasi lemak place, went to some of the famous eateries but bailed out of the long queue because we just couldn't care less and we were hungry, and last but never least, i had my klebang coconut shake fix, one cup for me, and i finished up hub's cup too because he didn't seem too enthusiastic about it and his cup is my cup and my cup is my cup.

All in all, it was a good trip.

And i would recommend the hotel to everyone!

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