Monday, May 28, 2018

Harvesting dried flowers

Old, aged, and beautiful in every way

I used to be one of those girls who proudly claim to the world how I detest flowers. That was when I was very much a kid. But ironically, I slowly grew to adore them more and more while growing up.

This one is a new flower kiosk in Rundle Mall though, hence the hefty price. 

When I was still in Adelaide, I used to buy myself little bunches of soft pink or white gerberas from the Sunday market, had I gotten the will to wake up early enough to go there lol.

Now that we are back in Malaysia though, roses seem to be the most prominent fresh flowers around in flower shops. There are a few very good fresh flower shops here around KL but I still haven't got the chance to visit. I usually get my healthy dose of roses whenever we go back to my hometown Taiping. There's this one old bazaar with rows of Indian flower shops. I could get a bunch of roses there for very cheap. Usually they'd be around RM1.50 to RM2 per stalk, depending on the bud size.

However though, lately I have been utterly smitten with dried flowers. When they start to wilt and dry on their stalks in the vase, I notice the pretty little streaks of colors forming on the now wrinkly and saggy petals. They look so rustic, and a whole new level of lovely.

And it gives me great pleasure to snap these flowers off their stalks, as if I am harvesting them :)

Apparently when I did some research on dried flowers, I found so many beautiful artworks and keepsakes that people have done with them. There are also techniques and tips on how to properly dry flowers that will make them last longer and somewhat retain most of their natural color.

A few flower drying techniques:

This is more suitable for bouquets, and for robust flowers like roses, or small, long-lasting varieties like Lavender.
Best for individual gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, and tulips. Helps preserve the color and structure better.
Most suitable for more delicate flowers like lilies.

More on the techniques here.

  • Don't wait too long before you start drying your flowers as fully mature blooms will likely start to lose their petals in the process.
  • To help the flowers retain their colour, remove from sunlight or excess heat as soon as they are cut.
  • Keep away from moisture.
  • If using the air dry method, use hairspray on the blooms to make them last longer.

I have only been doing the air dry method because it's basically no work at all. I just leave them to dry on their own. Except for the harvesting part. Because if I don't do that, the roses will just droop and wilt on their stalks.

I am still thinking of what to do with these dried flowers that I have already gathered. I might put them in a mason jar. But I would love to have them arranged neatly in a shadow box. Any ideas where to find these in KL?

Prettyyy <3 <3

I mean look at this!! I am seriously in love with this idea. How can I not?? Where can I find a shadow box !



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