Tuesday, May 15, 2018

laundry love

Major laundry love

Since our little apartment will be ready soon-ish, we have been looking up home renovation ideas. The kitchen is definitely the most important-est part of my home. However, I am also very enthusiastic in conjuring up a neat little laundry for us to use daily. This little laundry will have to be both VERY practical, and somewhat pretty.

Needless to say, pinterest has been my major source of inspiration. After dozens and dozens of very chic, cute, sophisticated, industrial style or farmhouse charm or whatever kind of laundry that I have pinned, I finally found one that to me was and still is perfect in my eyes.

It fits the criteria we are looking for in terms of the size, the practicality, and it's very cute.

Laundry plus points:

  1. wooden worktop
  2. washbasin!
  3. pretty backsplash
  4. neat arrangement of washer and dryer 
  5. closed cabinets
  6. tall side cabinet for broom/eyesore-whatevers storage

And the apothecary amber glass bottles really completes the look. Though I am not too sure if those would be too practical for us clumsy and comot peoples lol. 

Anyway, to me this laundry is perfect. 

Might also consider a washer-dryer. What do you think? Is it a wise move or should I just stick to the old stand-alone appliances? We won't have any space to air our laundry outside so a dryer is a must.

I am also considering having some sort of folding door or heavy drape to cover the area. 

Sort of like this

Also, to have the ironing board attached to the wall

Wall mounted drying racks and ceiling mounted drying racks

Actually, this laundry is not too bad too

Well, except maybe i'd prefer all the cabinets covered.

All these amazing ideas aside though... I still need to get the price quotes before I could continue dreaming my laundry dreams lol. And not to forget, need to save LOADS of $$$

sigh. i wish money could just grow on trees.



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