Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cat Love


YES wat yu wan bish??

This plump little calico of mine, is one particularly clingy cat. Lola my weird (more on this in another post) tortie, on the other hand is more aloof and minds her own business, only coming up to me when she needs some loving from her hooman.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, they now live with my mum. The transition was a bit hard for them, especially Kitty. Now though, they are much better and I am so glad to see them thriving. I miss them so badly, but after much consideration I believe this arrangement will be best for them.

Notice the scar on her side. We finally neutered her, but for some reason the Vet explained that they now perform the surgery from cats' sides, instead of cutting through their lower abdomen. What I could say is this way it took much longer and quite trickier to heal.

At mama's place, Lola enjoys her newfound discovery of the outside world. She used to love just hanging out high up on the window grilles in our apartment, looking out into the outside world. They used to only know each other back in my apartment. But now they live with a bunch of other cats in mama's place.

Initially, both Kitty and Lola used to be very hostile. After a while though, Kitty is now getting along well with all the other cats. Lola on the other hand, is still a tad cranky towards the others, and is still adjusting into the new social dynamic.

Whenever we are over at mama's house, Kitty would ditch everyone and everything else and just follow me around the house. Just like she used to do. It seems like I am forever her hooman <3

The only sad thing for now though is that Kitty and Lola are no longer the bestest buddies anymore. For some reason they now turn on each other. Kitty started it at first. She was super hostile and upset toward everyone when they first moved to mama's. Lola was of course, her easy target. They ended up seemingly hating each other, hissing and growling at each other whenever they come close.

But now that Kitty is much better, she seems to be trying to make it up to Lola though to no avail. Yet. Hopefully time will mend their friendship, and they'll be back snuggling up to each other again.

For now, they still need to be kept indoors and not allowed to roam freely outdoors without supervision since they are still very new to the outside world. They'll just be too naive and it will be too dangerous for them.



Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The View

Unforseen beauty

When you forget to loathe something, you will see the hidden beauty in it.

This used to be the part I hated most on our long drives from Kelantan to Taiping. The part after we pass the small town of Gerik, towards Kuala Kangsar. It has always felt and seemed endless, the long roads winding along rows of trees after trees, and hills after hills. It always felt so tiresome, especially in the night when you literally can't see anything around you.

However, our most recent drive through here somehow proved me quite wrong. I forgot to hate the road, and I saw and realised for the first time just how beautiful the view was along the drive.

The weather was light and breezy, with a slight drizzle when we approached Kuala Kangsar. I saw the beautiful hills engulfed in puffs of clouds, and the plethora of greenery lining the road. It was very beautiful and breathtaking. 

I guess the same goes for life. Maybe, just maybe. If we pause, stop, and take the time to forget to hate something. We will finally see, just how beautiful that something could actually be.

This reminds me of one of my favorite verses of the Quran.

"but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you, and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. Allah knows while you know not"
Al-Quran 2:216

Be positive in life. Love, don't hate. A reminder for everyone, and especially for my cranky, easily-triggeredddd hulk-self  >-<



Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sea Love

Can't help but love the beach

I haven't always been a beach person. I even used to not like the beach. But these past few years have seen me slowly falling in love with beaches. There's just something about the breeze, the waves, and the mildly salty scent of the sea... that spells escape. It's such a fresh and liberating feeling, just enjoying the sea breeze and watching the waves splash into white foams.

Today is the second day of eid. Whenever we are back in Kelantan, I will definitely want to visit the beaches. So it just felt right for us to also visit the beach on hari raya.

My favourites would be Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) and Pantai Irama, Bachok. I personally think Pantai Irama is more beach-goer friendly as you can easily get over to the sandy area and the water's edge. We took the time to stop by at Pantai Irama earlier today in the evening, despite the roads being so jam-packed, almost to a standstill around the area.

Well, it was all worth it I would say (easy for me to say I wasn't the one driving. but whatever haha). Though I still hate how the sand creeps into my shoes/sandals and how they get soft, mushy, and sink with every step. Despite this, I still love the beach.

Little A turns out to be quite the beach lover too. When he was a baby, he used to be so terrified of the sand. Now though, he loves to play in the sand and adores the beach.

We bought him a brand new kite today since his old one has already got a tear in it. Big A is good at flying kites. Me on the other hand, can't even maintain a flying kite in the air T_T

We had fun today. But since we were there quite unprepared with any extra clothes and whatnots, Little A didn't get to play much in the water. So I guess we might bring him back here one more time, before we head back home to KL?

Anyway, we had a few glasses of air nyor, coleq, and lokching at one of the beachside stalls. In my case though, it was a few glasses too many of air nyor, that I felt so bloated and sick once we got to the car.

We left at around 7pm, and it was already getting dark. We were very lucky because right when we got in the car, it started to drizzle and in seconds, it turned into a big downpour. Since everyone was also leaving at the time, the road started to flood with cars and again we got stuck in traffic. But it was quite a calming and warm feeling, being in the car despite being trapped in the standstill traffic right by the beach with raging waters. Being all safe and sheltered in the comfort and safety of your car, while the world outside turns dark, mellow, and quite gruesome. It was such a comforting feeling. Like sitting by the window at home on a rainy day while having a warm cup of cocoa.



Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Raya Holiday

A long break from our everyday

Our Raya holiday starts today. We'll be traveling back to Kelantan later this evening. Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad. Though we're almost quite sure that the highway will be jam packed with cars.

Anyway, I'm so excited for this long break. And needless to say, can't wait for raya!

I'll be making my own ketupat palas this year. Usually I would only be stuffing pulut into the palas leaves. My mum would be the one doing all the real work; cooking the pulut. But this year, I will be cooking my own ketupat over at my in-laws'. My first time doing the cooking bit, and i am so nervous about it!

Let's hope that my ketupat turns out good.

And pray that our journey today will be a safe and smooth one. Aaminnn.



Sunday, June 10, 2018


the very important, unimportant bits

Last night a conversation with Little A triggered a memory I have long overlooked. I was explaining to him how my late father used to be very strict on me during our english and math lessons at home. I told Little A how that did not discourage me, in fact it made me even more determined to prove myself better, and that I would study really hard just to show him that I could. I told Little A how once, when I was in high school, my English essay got picked to be one of the best essays. I told him how when I went home, I brought the essay with me and showed it to his late grandfather. With pride nonetheless. I told Little A I gave my essay to him.

Little A then asked me.

'Where did he keep it?'

This question was like a big pang to my memory. I then remembered how my father used to keep the cards I gave him. Secretly. Without me even knowing. I can't recall when I actually found his stash, but when I found it I was a little surprised and flattered. He kept, all the handmade cards I could remember I ever made for him, inside this small drawer in his cupboard. I never knew he actually really cared about those cards that much, let alone having kept them. But there they were, in a stash, inside his drawer.

The sight of his stash of cards flashed through my memory like a sudden bolt of nostalgia. And I could not help but feel that helpless sense of forgetting something important, but having lost every chance to grab it back. I wondered where that essay paper went to. Did I really let him keep it? If so, did he keep it somewhere safe? And where are the cards now?

When he passed, everything was a blur. Everything flashed by very quickly, while I was still struggling to catch up with the fact that he was suddenly gone. All the more important bits were taken care of, and all the more significant things were brought along.

But really, what of the less important things? Like his stash of memorabilia.

I realized it was now about 10 years too late for me to think about that important stash of his. And suddenly I missed him so very much.


My late Father.

May Allah grant him ease in the hereafter. May he be placed among the righteous, and may we be reunited in Jannah. Aameeen.



Thursday, June 7, 2018


What a liberating feeling

The other day, little A and me had to scurry through a rainstorm to our car. The wind was very strong, to the point that it was hard for me to even push the car door open from inside the car, so using an umbrella was definitely out of the question. I carried him all the way to the car as I felt it was much safer for him that way, and it'd be much faster. I was a bit terrified, because the wind was so strong. 

But then in the blur of the hurry, I caught a glimpse of little A, just for a brief moment, his face up, lit and open, looking up to the sky and embracing the rain and the wind. It was a new exciting and exhilarating experience for him. 

That view somehow made me feel quite liberated. It was a good, refreshing feeling.

Since he's much bigger now, I've grown to be more open about letting him be in the rain. Back then I wouldn't have let even ONE teeny speck of raindrop touch even his hair. Now I've realized that a little bit of rain really won't hurt him. In fact, I think it will do him a world of good. Also because he's bigger now.

I'm writing this up, because it's one of the most insignificant, significant moments.