Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cat Love


YES wat yu wan bish??

This plump little calico of mine, is one particularly clingy cat. Lola my weird (more on this in another post) tortie, on the other hand is more aloof and minds her own business, only coming up to me when she needs some loving from her hooman.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, they now live with my mum. The transition was a bit hard for them, especially Kitty. Now though, they are much better and I am so glad to see them thriving. I miss them so badly, but after much consideration I believe this arrangement will be best for them.

Notice the scar on her side. We finally neutered her, but for some reason the Vet explained that they now perform the surgery from cats' sides, instead of cutting through their lower abdomen. What I could say is this way it took much longer and quite trickier to heal.

At mama's place, Lola enjoys her newfound discovery of the outside world. She used to love just hanging out high up on the window grilles in our apartment, looking out into the outside world. They used to only know each other back in my apartment. But now they live with a bunch of other cats in mama's place.

Initially, both Kitty and Lola used to be very hostile. After a while though, Kitty is now getting along well with all the other cats. Lola on the other hand, is still a tad cranky towards the others, and is still adjusting into the new social dynamic.

Whenever we are over at mama's house, Kitty would ditch everyone and everything else and just follow me around the house. Just like she used to do. It seems like I am forever her hooman <3

The only sad thing for now though is that Kitty and Lola are no longer the bestest buddies anymore. For some reason they now turn on each other. Kitty started it at first. She was super hostile and upset toward everyone when they first moved to mama's. Lola was of course, her easy target. They ended up seemingly hating each other, hissing and growling at each other whenever they come close.

But now that Kitty is much better, she seems to be trying to make it up to Lola though to no avail. Yet. Hopefully time will mend their friendship, and they'll be back snuggling up to each other again.

For now, they still need to be kept indoors and not allowed to roam freely outdoors without supervision since they are still very new to the outside world. They'll just be too naive and it will be too dangerous for them.



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