Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sea Love

Can't help but love the beach

I haven't always been a beach person. I even used to not like the beach. But these past few years have seen me slowly falling in love with beaches. There's just something about the breeze, the waves, and the mildly salty scent of the sea... that spells escape. It's such a fresh and liberating feeling, just enjoying the sea breeze and watching the waves splash into white foams.

Today is the second day of eid. Whenever we are back in Kelantan, I will definitely want to visit the beaches. So it just felt right for us to also visit the beach on hari raya.

My favourites would be Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) and Pantai Irama, Bachok. I personally think Pantai Irama is more beach-goer friendly as you can easily get over to the sandy area and the water's edge. We took the time to stop by at Pantai Irama earlier today in the evening, despite the roads being so jam-packed, almost to a standstill around the area.

Well, it was all worth it I would say (easy for me to say I wasn't the one driving. but whatever haha). Though I still hate how the sand creeps into my shoes/sandals and how they get soft, mushy, and sink with every step. Despite this, I still love the beach.

Little A turns out to be quite the beach lover too. When he was a baby, he used to be so terrified of the sand. Now though, he loves to play in the sand and adores the beach.

We bought him a brand new kite today since his old one has already got a tear in it. Big A is good at flying kites. Me on the other hand, can't even maintain a flying kite in the air T_T

We had fun today. But since we were there quite unprepared with any extra clothes and whatnots, Little A didn't get to play much in the water. So I guess we might bring him back here one more time, before we head back home to KL?

Anyway, we had a few glasses of air nyor, coleq, and lokching at one of the beachside stalls. In my case though, it was a few glasses too many of air nyor, that I felt so bloated and sick once we got to the car.

We left at around 7pm, and it was already getting dark. We were very lucky because right when we got in the car, it started to drizzle and in seconds, it turned into a big downpour. Since everyone was also leaving at the time, the road started to flood with cars and again we got stuck in traffic. But it was quite a calming and warm feeling, being in the car despite being trapped in the standstill traffic right by the beach with raging waters. Being all safe and sheltered in the comfort and safety of your car, while the world outside turns dark, mellow, and quite gruesome. It was such a comforting feeling. Like sitting by the window at home on a rainy day while having a warm cup of cocoa.



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