Thursday, July 19, 2018

Goodbye Christopher Robin

A happy melancholy

Last night we watched the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin. Personally, I would say I loved the movie. I love how they manage to capture the whimsy playfulness of the 100-acre wood, the sweet innocence of Billy Moon's (Christopher Robin) playtime with his father, author A.A Milne, and the aching, undivided love that is between Billy Moon and his nanny, Nou.

Also, I love how the movie is able to still sustain that sad, melancholic note of the whole story despite the easy, lovely, and cheerful landscape and setting; how a small child grew up feeling so unloved, so unimportant, and so betrayed. As if his whole childhood was taken away from him, and his life growing up was a misery being bullied and made fun of because of the book.

To those not in the know, the book Winnie The Pooh by author A.A Milne was inspired by his observations of his son's (Christopher Robin) adventures with his stuffed toys in their home in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex.

The movie touched my heart.

I would say that I am now a big fan of the book >_<

Before this movie, I have never taken any interest in Pooh. I just couldn't make sense of his physical being. Is he a bear? What is he? Why is his skin smooth and yellow? If he's really a bear, I couldn't brain the fact that there's no fur. I couldn't comprehend the very idea of Pooh. Apparently I was more familiar with the Disney version of Pooh. Since then I just rejected the very idea of Pooh. I didn't even get to meet and know the original version of it. A more teddy-like pooh which would have made more sense to me.

And somehow, I used to always sense some sort of melancholy to the story

Seems like I have been right all along. It was actually a sad, sad story. It's about finding comfort, in times of war. It's like a beacon of hope, when all else was crumbling. It's that light they seek, when overwhelmed by fear.

It's the idea of a warm, cosy, story-time... with everyone all snuggled up in front of the fireplace.

No wonder the book never left people's hearts. It's a book, written from the heart. Therefore, it will reach hearts.

Should get a copy of the book!



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