Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tea People

My palette

I used to be an anti-tea person. I hated tea. I couldn't for the life of me understand how people can even tolerate tea, let alone profess to be a tea person. For me tea was just a yucky concoction of some dried ground leaves, sometimes made too bitter or sometimes too sweet. Manis leting.

But everything changed when I went abroad. 

Care for tea?

One of my friends' places had always served teh O whenever anyone came over. This particular place was the house my friends and I used to spend a lot of time just hanging out with each other. We used to get together in some of the freer evenings, just because, and made goreng pisang (banana fritters) together, while some of us got to making the obligatory sambal kicap that accompanies the fritters. It was during this time too, did I discover the bombastic pairing of these two food items. A combo that is very foreign to those from the more northern part of West Malaysia. A combo, once tasted you can never forfeit. Makan goreng pisang, mesti kena cicah sambal kicap. I kid you not.

And of course, the tea. It was also during these gatherings that my taste buds were slowly bent into accepting the flavour of tea. I discovered that tea, was not that bad after all.

From then on, I started trying different kinds of teas. Well, to say that I began to become a tea enthusiast would be an exaggeration though. It was just that I started opening up to tea, and all the flavour possibilities. I was a bit surprised at this too. I have always not been able to tolerate caffeine. And I have attributed my disdain toward tea to this. But somehow tea finally managed to pass my caffeine restriction level I guess? Maybe I got more mature and my caffeine tolerance increased just a tad? 

Well now, I'm still not crazy about tea. I wouldn't say I will be dysfunctional without my cup of tea (like coffee people do *eyeroll*) but a cup of tea a day, makes a dull day all the better I think.

I just simply love tea. And I am very keen on learning more about tea, and the art that lies behind it. The different kinds of leaves, flavour, steeping time, water temperature, etc. 

Ahmad Tea Jasmine Green Tea

For the time being, I would say that my most favourite flavour will be JASMINE GREEN TEA. And out of the two mainstream brands that I have tried (Boh and Ahmad Tea), I would say I very much prefer the latter. For me, I feel like the bitter taste of green tea is quite strong and more dominant in Boh, and Ahmad Tea tastes lighter, and the floral note is more prominent. Which is why I love it. I also love the quite elegant box design and the fact that it is very cheap. One box of 25 sachets like in the picture above is only RM 5 plus.

Well, it all comes down to your preference. But every now and again, a cup of warm Boh Jasmine Green Tea is all I need for that kick from robust green tea flavour. 

I love it when brands care to slip a little note in their product packaging.
I think it makes the products worth a little more than what they already do.

There's just something warm and comforting in a cup of warm tea, right before bed. I always have my chamomile or jasmine green tea right before bed. It makes me feel slightly refreshed, and all ready for bed <3

What about you. Do you love tea?



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